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Our Collaborative Approach

Ongoing communication and collaboration are key to successfully completing projects.

Through our experience, we recognize the complexity of the stakeholder environment and are confident in the proven effectiveness of our hands-on and interactive workshops as means of overcoming this challenge.

Business readiness is accelerated when stakeholders are provided meaningful opportunities to ‘own the process’. The use of various engagement and feedback mechanisms would be used to solicit feedback, gather information and communicate to support collaboration and transparency throughout the engagement.

Each client situation and need is unique. We would use a combination of the following engagement approaches to tailor an engagement customized for an organisation’s specific needs.

Interviews and discussions

Conducting interviews and discussions both in person and over the phone with individuals or small groups to assess, gather requirements and collect feedback in a more private manner.

Collaborative workshops

Supporting collaboration through in person and online workshops to encourage participation and brainstorming. Taking advantage of online tools that can support collaboration and meaningful discussions.

Online surveys and polls

Using surveys and polls to reach a broader audience and provide the ability to collect feedback either anonymously or grouped to allow stakeholders to give feedback in a more private manner.

Need more information or want to chat with our team?

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like more information on any of the services above or anything else information management related.