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Let us support you on your Information & Records Management journey.

Why should your organization care about managing information?

Well-managed information and a properly configured information management solution will allow your organization to reap many benefits. Continue reading to learn more about us and how we can help.

Our Experience

Our core team is based in beautiful downtown Ottawa, but we have practitioners and experts to support both private sector and public sector clients across Canada.
We work with highly regulated organizations including federal departments, provincial ministries, crown corporations, regional and municipal governments, as well as private companies to assist them in building strong information management, records management and information governance competencies.

Our Approach

We start by listening and understanding to what your organization and its people need in order to enable better and more intuitive information management. Our approach is technology agnostic when it counts – your organization should define what it needs without being influenced or bound by a specific technology. This approach allows us to understand both your business problems and successes before making any recommendations. We work with our clients collaboratively to provide real solutions that are tailored to work for them.

Why Us?

We are real people that are excited to help our clients with their information management challenges. Our team gets satisfaction every time our clients tell us that we “get them” and  that we provide real and understandable advice. 
We don’t want to just be another consulting company that comes in and leaves with no positive impact, we want to provide “big firm” quality and value at small firm pricing.

Our services & insights

Click below to learn more about the various services we offer to our clients or insights we offer.

Need more information or want to chat with our team?

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like more information on any of the services above or anything else information management related.